About Tick Tag Go

Tick Tag Go is a community-powered effort to establish baseline data on tick distributions in Nebraska. With new tick species being identified in the state, records of tick presence are critical to understanding which species are found where.

This project relies on passive surveillance - the collection of ticks that you come across in your daily routine and activities. Ticks can carry serious diseases - please do not actively search for ticks.

Don't Let Ticks Keep You Indoors

Do full body tick checks after being outdoors!

photo of recent observations in Nebraska July of 2023

Tick Observations & Identification

Join our iNaturalist project to submit tick photos for identification.

photo of a tick crawling on someone's hand

Nebraska Ticks & Prevention

Learn more about ticks in Nebraska as well as precautionary measures to take when outdoors.

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photo of a child at an outreach event searching a stuffed animal dog for common tick spots


Tick Tag Go has created a wide variety of resources. Explore downloadable content, activities, videos and more!

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Meet the Team

Research & Outreach Team

photo of Louise

Dr. Louise Lynch-O'Brien

Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

photo of Jody

Dr. Jody Green

Urban Entomologist Extension Educator, Nebraska Extension

photo of Kait

Kait Chapman

Urban Entomologist Extension Educator, Nebraska Extension

photo of Travis

Dr. Travis J. Bourret

Associate Professor, Creighton University

photo of Roberto

Dr. Roberto Cortinas

Assistant Professor of Practice, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Student Team

photo of Ariel

Ariel Dawdy

Ariel is a graduate student working on outreach and science literacy through Tick Tag Go. Her current research is focused on understanding how children percieve ticks and common protective behaviors in order to better prevent the transmission of tick-transmitted diseases.

photo of Claire

Claire Klein

Claire is an undergraduate Insect Science student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is passionate about public health entomology and developing tick- and mosquito-safety educational materials.

photo of Amber

Amber Boris

Amber is an artist from New Jersey who focuses on soft sculpture and drawing. She received her BFA at the Corcoran School of Art and Design at the George Washington University. While creating Spot, the project mascot, she was pursuing an MFA in Sculpture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

photo of Nia

Nia Kaufmann

Nia is an undergraduate Insect Science student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is passionate about art, science and entomology and supports outreach efforts

photo of Roberto

Makenna Parker

Makenna is an undergraduate Graphic Design student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her creative eye supported design efforts for the Tick Tag Go logo and outreach materials.

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