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photo of printed tick cards

Tick Cards

Educational Materials

Keep tick cards on hand in a place you will come across it frequently - your wallet, back pocket, car visor, etc. Share with friends and family for a little tick safety reminder.

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image of flyer on wall

Tick Flyers

Educational Materials

Tick flyers can be posted in any public or private place. Download, print and share at your local library, community center, dog salon and beyond!

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photo of tie dye tick socks

Tie Dye Tick Socks


A great way to prevent tick bites is to wear protective clothing, but not everyone is excited to tuck their pants into boring white socks. With this craft, you can customize colorful socks that are not only fun to wear, but also can help protect yourself from tick bites.

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photo of coloring sheet

Tick Coloring Sheet


Every child should enjoy the outdoors. Use this coloring sheet as a fun and proactive tool to teach kids about tick checks.

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