steven-spotanski photo

Steven Spotanski

Fisheries and Wildlife Major

Why you're interested / excited to be part of this program?

I thought that this presented a very unique opportunity to explore many aspects of researching due to the structure of the One Health Program. On top of that, getting valuable experience of working with a team with many moving parts has been a lot of fun.

What kind of work you're doing in the One Health program / mentors you're working with?

I’ve done lots of different work within the One Health Program. From working with our honey bee hives, to sampling vegetation, amphibians, birds, and invertebrates. I’d say the two things that have stood out the most to me this summer are when we set up a bumblebee hive exhibit at Schram Park, and spider hunting late at night. There have also been many people that have been a great help within the program. People such as Dr. Elizabeth VanWormer, Dr. Judy Wu-Smart, Courtney Brummel, my other One Health student workers, and many others!

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