Nicole-Klosterman photo

Nicole Klosterman

Fisheries and Wildlife Major

Why you're interested / excited to be part of this program?

I am interested in the way things in our environments interact with each other and work together, which was perfectly highlighted throughout our work. The program also gave valuable hands-on experience in different sampling methods and field work with peers and professionals in this line of work.

What kind of work you're doing in the One Health program / mentors you're working with?

I have been mainly working with tadpole sampling and red-wing black birds under Liz Vanwormer. I have also been working with the bees at UNL and Mead under Judy Wu-Smart and the UNL bee lab. I have really enjoyed working on the bee and bird sampling, and I hope to be able to continue to work with songbirds around Nebraska and the US in my career.

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