Rebekah-Lockard photo

Rebekah Lockard

Why you're interested / excited to be part of this program?

I am interested in the fate and transport of contaminants, and this program has been an exciting opportunity to be involved in discovering the impacts of a real-world example of environmental contamination. As most of my education so far has been in the classroom, the experience of spending time working and learning outdoors or occasionally in the laboratory has been both fun and valuable. Beyond all of this, the program has been a chance to engage in meaningful work that can contribute positively to the future.

What kind of work you're doing in the One Health program / mentors you're working with?

I have been helping sample bird eggs, tadpoles, and a variety of wildflowers as well as honey bees, honey, and pollen from beehives. In addition, I have been assisting with the management of beehives. My favorite activities have been gathering bird eggs and extracting honey.

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