Bat Mobiles

There are over 1,400 species of bats in the world, from large fruit-eating bats to small bats, the size of a bumblebee, that feed on insects. Bats live in different habitats around the world except in very cold areas like the Arctic and Antarctic. Bats play important roles in deserts, forests, agricultural lands, and other environments by pollinating plants, controlling insects that feed on people or crops, and moving seeds to new places. Some plants are only pollinated by bats!

Bats, people, and other animals need healthy environments to survive! Sometimes people are afraid of bats because they’ve heard that bats spread disease or suck blood. But only three types of bats of the over 1400 types in the world feed on blood and they usually eat blood from animals. Most bats in the world feed on insects, fruit, leaves, or nectar. Although bats and people can share some diseases, it usually happens when bats are forced out of their normal habitat and into contact with people. In addition to being unique and fascinating animals, bats bring amazing benefits to our world. Protecting bats and their habitats protects people too!

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