What is One Health?

One Health brings together people with diverse backgrounds, skills, and perspectives to improve the health of humans, animals (wild and domestic), plants and our shared environments.

In our increasingly connected world, we are becoming more aware of the links among human, animal, plant, and ecosystem health. Stories of these connections are now common in our news and conversations…an emerging disease moving from wildlife to people or appearing in a new part of the world, drastic loss of the bees that pollinate many crops, pollutants in our wetlands and waterways, or an earthquake or hurricane that displaces people and animals, limiting access to food and clean water.

What is Nebraska One Health?

Here at Nebraska One Health within the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, we strive to provide a greater awareness of health through providing health resources for the public and stakeholders. We also have a Nebraska One Health Lab group that meets weekly to discuss research and ideas about One Health. The group is comprised of graduates, undergraduates, faculty, and staff and has a wide variety of interests ranging from veterinary science, ecology, economics, arts, and beyond! You may find us at your local outreach events.

How To Get Involved?

We always welcome new members to our lab group. The idea behind one health is a comprehensive approach to health, so anyone from any background is welcome to join! To learn more about our lab group and to see when our next meeting is, visit the lab website at onehealthlab.wordpress.com.